PIC 8 Pin 20MHz 1.5K - 12F509

PIC 8 Pin 20MHz 1.5K - 12F509

PIC 8 Pin 20MHz 1.5K - 12F509

1.050 1.050 1050.0

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    • Precision 4 MHz internal oscillator.
    • Baseline Core with 33 Instructions, 2 Stack Levels.
    • All single-cycle Instructions except for program branches which are two cycles.
    • 12-bit wide instructions.
    • 8-bit wide data path.
    • 25 mA source/sink current I/O.
    • Low power (100nA) sleep current.
    • One 8-bit timer (TMR0).
    • Watchdog timer (WDT).
    • In Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™) capability.
    • In-Circuit debugging support.
    • Programmable code protection.