GrovePi Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi (CE certificate)

GrovePi Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi (CE certificate)

GrovePi Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi (CE certificate)

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Our Kit for Raspberry Pi GrovePi consists of different boards with sensors easy to use and connection with your Raspberry Pi Shield board through incorporated in this Kit.

Each board has a specific sensor (sensor sound, buzzer, ultrasonic, etc.) and need to connect and mount about RPi Shield.

The GrovePi board is a Shield for your RPI, which incorporates a microcontroller (Atmega328) that allow reading of analog and digital sensors Grove.

With this Kit you can experience and learn about different types of sensors, which allow you to measure ambient light, temperature, humidity and allow you to activate LEDs or electrical equipment up to 220VAC thanks to Grove Relay.

Also you will find a LCD display RGB with which you can display the information obtained by your Grove sensors from your RPi board.

List of parts included:

  • GrovePi (Shield for RPI)
  • GrovePi user guide
  • Grove - Button
  • Grove - Light sensor
  • Grove - Buzzer
  • Grove - Sound Sensor
  • Grove - LED red
  • Grove - LED blue
  • Grove - green LED
  • Grove - LCD RGB Backlight
  • Grove - Rotary Sensor
  • Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Grove - Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Grove-Relay

Document and resoures: