Controlador de servo para Raspberry Pi

Controlador de servo para Raspberry Pi

Controlador de servo para Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi is a great pocket computer, but it is not so good at controlling and DC servo motors.These engines require specific and repetitive pulses to move.

With Servo PWM Pi Hat card for Raspberry Pi you have the ability to control up to 16 servo motors with excellent pulse train. It is operating at a frequency of 1.6kHz with a precision of 12bit.

It can be used with versions of Raspberry Pi A, B and V2. You can use the A or B versions of RPI as long as you use our 13x2 female connector Pin Header (Raspberry)

Its output PWM communication is done via I2C uses only two pins of the RPI. You can connect up to 62 cards for Raspberry Pi Hat Servo can control up to 992 servo motors with only 2 pins.

It has also created a library for Python to use more in a more friendly and simple way. You can download it from the link we left at the end of this product description.

To feed servo motors it has included a Jack DC terminal to input a voltage of 5V, which can be obtained using our transformer 5Vdc.

  • Dimensions: 65mm x 56mm x 13mm.

Note: This card does not include servo motors Raspberry Pi, servo motors or power.