75 Piece gear kit for robotics

75 Piece gear kit for robotics

75 Piece gear kit for robotics

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This robotics gear kit is the perfect complement for projects when you need to vary the torque and the speed of your motors. You can also use them to develop applications and projects that need movement of platforms or pulley systems.

This kit includes 75 pieces and among them you can find single and double gears, Crown type gears worm drives and cone gears. It also includes pulleys and drive belts.

Use this gears in your aero modelling, car or RC moving equipment models and projects and much more.

This kit includes the following:

  • Spindle straight tooth gear: 9
  • Crown gear: 11
  • Single gear: 12
  • Double gear: 19
  • Belt pulley: 7
  • Worm gear: 2
  • Connecting rack: 2.
  • Axle sleeve: 6.
  • Tee collar: 1.
  • Gear-B: 1.
  • Belt: 5